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After a thorough review of the client’s needs and gaining a full understanding of the requirements, we tailor solutions that fit the client's budget, schedule, and expectations.
We provide services in the areas of multi-disciplinary project management, complex contract management, foreign contract management, logistics systems, contract cost management, systems analysis and design, data analysis and reporting, and software development and integration.
Project and Contract Management

Strategic Alliances Consulting Services: Marieke Consulting's expertise guides agencies through all phases of the government service and operating continuum. From business and technology strategic planning, to organizational change management, Marieke follows proven project methodologies, ensuring that problems are identified, analyzed, and addressed to ensure optimal levels of government performance and service delivery. Marieke offers a broad array of management consulting services, including: strategic planning, organizational reviews and assessments, business process re-engineering, workforce training and change management, contract management, logistics, quality control, assurance, and fitting the right expertise to the job.

Program Integration and Project Management Services: Marieke’s Program Integration and Project Management Services provide assistance to government agencies in managing and implementing programs and systems, especially as they relate to major management and technology systems rollouts and upgrades. Our services facilitate the timely and efficient achievement of each program and project engagement. This way, government agencies are ensured of the optimal return on their investments and accomplishment of targeted performance objectives.

Systems Design and


Our in-depth knowledge of relational databases and business processes across many functional areas enable us to help clients see how systems can share data and complement one another instead of duplicating efforts and performing redundant processing in multiple systems.

We take an enterprise level approach to our system integration efforts.

Process Analysis

By working closely with end-users and stakeholders, we analyze existing processes and strive to eliminate redundancy by streamlining and automating processes.

Software Development and Maintenance

Experienced with all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), we can design, develop, implement, and maintain a solution that works for our customers.

We understand that comprehensive training and follow-on user support are essential to the success of the software and we pride ourselves on providing these services.

Financial Analysis

We provide reports that are easy to read and provide essential information in a logical presentation.  We excel at collecting data from disparate sources and reporting out a variety of metrics and indices that provide key indicators to business performance.

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